I/we__________________________ authorize SOPHIE'S FRENCH MAIDS (SFM)/sub-contractors/employees to provide the cleaning service for my/our propriety, office space, rental. I/we understand that  there will be a flat-fee charge for the cleaning service provided per se propriety $___________for_______ hours maximum. It can not exceed-_______hours and any time there after will be billed at $ 50/hour per person at 15 minutes increment which is $25.


TYPE OF CLEANING_______________ ADDRESS:____________________________________________________________

House /office space/rental must be cleared of clutter, kitchen sink cleared of dirty dishes/picked up things off the floor (unless prior arrangement for special projects). If there is a need of special attention and precaution, let SFM know before we start the job.

PETS: We are pet friendly but secure your pet before or upon our arrival & during the cleaning. Pets left inside the house will be protected to the best of our ability but we are not responsible for the behavior or security of the pets within the home while the service is being performed.

OCCUPANTS: I understand that it is preferred if the occupant of the house/office space leave the room while we clean it & she/he & family members are aware of our equipment/tools on the floors/counters, entryways, front porches/back-side patios/plugged electrical cords of vacuum, wet flooring, opened appliance/cabinet doors.

PAYMENTS: Due at the time of service. If the client will not be present in-person estimate SFM will not start the job unless we have a credit card on file or Venmo/PayPal prior payment. SFM owner-operator will expect to meet you in person to sign the contract and make payment before we start the cleaning. We accept cash, check, Venmo at no charge. Credit card and PayPal have a 4 % fee. 

GUARANTEES: SFM guarantee the work performed within 24 hours from a request made by the client who signed the contract, did the final walk through with, & paid SFM. SFM will not respond to a third party for any grievances. Any deficiencies must be reported within 24hours & SFM will return & redo the overlooked & missed areas ONLY not the entire cleaning itself of the entire propriety. If necessary, we can schedule a separate appointment for a detailed deluxe cleaning for areas that need extra attention and was not included in the already paid session cleaning- There is a $50/h for extra projects or SFM can refer you to a appropriate trained professional to remedy the grievances. SFM has a list of recommendations for each field of trades. 

PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS: Let SFM know about anything that is not secured properly to a wall or defective as mirror, suspended pictures frame on weak drywall/ loose nails, hanging painting, decorations, light fixture, scratchy furniture feet & unprotected by protective cushions to avoid scratches on wood floors, shelves, curtain rods, A/C system on window frame, blinds attachment, sunburnt damaged strings of blinds, oxidation, discoloration, delicate surfaces due to poor maintenance & neglect, low grade construction materials, unhinged  cabinet doors, unscrewed appliances, very hot appliances or surfaces which should be handle with care, sliding door/screen off rail & unstable, malfunctioning drawers, sharp edges that could cause a skin cut, metal blades/nails sticking out that could cause injury.

EQUIPMENT : SFM is not responsible for the maintenance & repair of client's vacuum/equipment/appliance you agree for us to use to clean your propriety.

CANCELLATIONS: SFM expects a 24 hours notice for any emergency cancellation- preferable 48 hours is appreciated. A trip fee of $100 will be applied for cancellation when SFM arrive to your propriety or within 4 hours of the appointment or can not access the interior of your home/office space/rental  because there is no key outside hidden for us, changed lock code without informing SFM, forgotten appointment cause by an emergency, no electricity, no running water, no access to the street,  restricted parking in front of you propriety. Grace period for a new client of 2 times for a regular repeat maintenance scheduled appointments.


I do not hold SFM/owner/employees/sub-contractors/helpers liable for any damage or personal injury before, during, after the cleaning is performed.

I chose to SFM at my own risk being aware that SFM is licensed and insured.

I understand that SFM will take care of all necessary precautions & care for the cleaning of my propriety/office space/rental. If there are any special or instructions it is my responsibility to let SFM know of those areas before SFM start the job. 

I hereby release SFM/owners/employees from all claims, demands & cause of action as a result of a cleaning service resulting missing or damaged propriety. That does not include quality of work, operator error, gross negligence or carelessness. 

INTERNET: Reviews must be submitted to SFM company before posting on line and after inspection & discussion we can evaluate if it is agreed upon form both parties for posting on the internet. we reserved all rights to review (good or bad) postings/listings/pictures prior going live on the internet. Any negative reviews is subject to a $100/per day until removed without SFM approval.

I understand that I have read this document.

I fully understand its content.

I am volunteering signing this waiver-release.


Signature ________________________  date_________________

Form of payment  _____________________________    Email address _____________________________